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UPDATE: Kidney Cancer Unfiltered is live! Listen here:

Annamaria Scaccia

We are excited to bring you a groundbreaking new podcast series called “Kidney Cancer Unfiltered”. Hosted by Annamaria Scaccia, a member of the Kidney Cancer Association’s Patient & Caregiver Advisory Committee, this seven-episode podcast aims to shed light on the personal journeys, challenges, and emotions that people  navigating kidney cancer face. 

“Kidney Cancer Unfiltered” isn’t just another podcast; it’s a collection of raw, intimate conversations—fireside chats—between individuals touched by kidney cancer, from patients and caregivers to family members and healthcare professionals. Each episode delves deep into various aspects of the kidney cancer experience.. With topics including managing emotions, having cancer at a young age, and how to navigate intimacy, “Kidney Cancer Unfiltered” is about creating a community where every listener feels understood, supported, and empowered. 

“Kidney Cancer Unfiltered” will be available soon across all major podcast platforms. Stay tuned for the series release later this month! 

Episode 1: “The Collective Cancer Experience” with Tracy Poyneer, kidney cancer patient

Episode 2: “Managing Emotions (part 1)” with Steven Edwards, kidney cancer patient, and his daughter, Lisia Edwards

Episode 3: “Managing Emotions (part 2)” with Lauren Burling, MSS, LCSW, of the Cancer Support Community

Episode 4: “Cancer at a Young Age (part 1)” with Jason Hinojosa, kidney cancer patient

Episode 5: “Cancer at a young age (part 2)” with Melissa Helmick, kidney cancer patient

Episode 6: “Intimacy and Relationships” with John Ferrell, kidney cancer patient, and Nichole Goble, of the Caregiver Action Network

Episode 7: “Caregiving” with Sarah Alysse Bobo, caregiver and stress and nutrition coach.

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