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Step 4: What are the Side Effects of Treatment?

Because there are so many treatments for kidney cancer, there are many potential different side effects. It is important to keep track of how you are feeling before, during, and after your treatment. Use an app to track side effects or get a journal to write down how you feel.

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You can also click on the common side effects listed below for more information about how to manage them. For some of them, you should ask your oncologist or oncology nurse for advice. Your supportive care team will also help you manage your side effects.

Another great resource is Ina®

Ina® is the Intelligent Nutrition Assistant from Savor Health. It helps you choose what to eat to help manage your symptoms and side effects. When you have questions, you can text Ina® to get personalized support in addition to getting support from your treatment team.

Find support and resources for you and your family during your kidney cancer journey.