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Hand Foot Skin Reaction

Hand Foot Skin Reaction may also be referred to as hand-foot syndrome, calluses, blisters or skin changes on the hands and feet.

Things you may do to prevent or minimize Hand Foot Skin Reaction:

  • Wear comfortable, properly fitting shoes
  • Add cushion inserts to your shoes or wear cushioned socks
  • Apply thick lotions or creams daily and as needed
  • Soak hands and/or feet in warm water with Epson salts
  • Avoid walking barefoot
  • Avoid/modify vigorous exercises such as running, walking or jogging and minimize those activities such as gardening, certain house tools and other tasks that require squeezing your hands.

When to call your oncologist or oncology nurse:

When your Hand Foot Skin Reaction interferes with your ability to complete your normal daily activities.

Discuss with your healthcare team if there may be other reasons or treatment options that may help reduce your hand foot skin reaction.

You should rely primarily upon your doctor for medical information.