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Photo of Vineeta Hiranandani

Vineeta Hiranandani is a member of the Kidney Cancer Association’s Patient & Caregiver Advisory Council.

What motivated you to get involved with the KCA?

When my brother got sick with renal cell carcinoma, I learned first-hand the challenges that patients and caregivers go through from when you first get that diagnosis throughout your journey. Your world completely changes and you feel like you are on your own. I learned as much as I could, asked lots of questions, and sought out experts through my network. In managing his care, someone asked me, how did you know to ask all those questions? I just did. And, one of his doctors commented that I would make a great patient advocate. As I have reflected, not everyone has the “know how” or tenacity to find answers.  With my desire to find new solutions to help people fight this disease, I wanted to get more involved with the KCA.

What are you excited to bring to the organization?

With my business career, including healthcare industry experience, science degree, and interest in learning more on where the scientific research is going, I am excited to bring all this to advance treatments and therapies to fight this disease and make patients lives better.

How do you hope to see the KCA grow?

I hope that the KCA can grow by continuing to lead the way forward to eradicate this disease by funding advances in care, the science, and education programs. In addition, on a national level, to make a positive impact on getting funding for the scientific research and new treatments.

What is your favorite travel destination?

My favorite destination is Italy. I have been many times and look forward to being able to travel soon. I enjoy the food, culture, art, and just way of being.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy hiking on the many great nature trails here in the SF Bay area. Being outside taking in all the breathtaking views is such a treat. It never gets tiring!

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