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Unlock the Cure is a $40 million comprehensive fundraising effort by the Kidney Cancer Association focused on empowerment, education, research, and advocacy as key paths to fuel kidney cancer cures.

We’ve set a bold goal to achieve this fundraising target by 2030 so we can significantly change the narrative for all kidney cancer patients by the KCA’s 40th anniversary!



  • Decrease financial toxicity
  • Double the rate of clinical trial enrollment for kidney cancer patients


  • Expand kidney cancer expertise


  • Revolutionize kidney cancer research through our KCA Data Federation
  • Transform rare kidney cancer care
  • Fund $10 million in research


  • Enact federal policy change to directly benefit kidney cancer patients


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What We Do

The KCA is the oldest and only global kidney cancer organization that drives research and empowers patients and families through innovative resources. In 2022, the KCA funded millions of dollars in research and education, impacted thousands of families through patient resources, benefited hundreds of patients through our patient assistance program, and advocated in dozens of legislative meetings with congress for more federally funded kidney cancer research. Join us as we continue to Unlock the Cure together!


Kidney cancer is one of the top 10 leading cancers among men and women in the United States with the rate of new kidney cancer diagnoses on the rise since the 1990s. While chances of survival are better if caught early, about 1/3 of kidney cancers are diagnosed in an advanced stage after it has metastasized or spread to other organs and parts of the body. For a distant metastases (to the lungs, brain, or bones, for example), the survival rate is only 17% compared with a nearly 93% survival rate for kidney cancer that has little to no spread.

We all play a crucial role in unlocking the cure for kidney cancer. The KCA serves as a central hub for patients, doctors, industry, and donors who are passionate about kidney cancer to come together for one shared purpose – eliminating kidney cancer. You are a vital part of these efforts.

In this golden era of cancer medicine, when the latest research and innovative technologies converge to create extraordinary potential for success, we are more driven than ever before. We have the stature, capabilities, and bandwidth to facilitate a cure for kidney cancer. But we cannot do this without the generosity of our friends and community.

“This is a pivotal moment for the kidney cancer community.
We must come together to meet the needs
of patients and families that are counting on us. The
opportunity to transform the kidney cancer landscape as
we know it is within reach. Because if not now, when?”

Gretchen E. Vaughan,
KCA President and CEO

Give now and make an impact.

For questions about meaningful ways to give, contact
Kendall Pace Monroe, our Chief Advancement Officer
at [email protected] or 847-332-1051.


Unstoppable Together