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The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, Massachusetts recently recognized the Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) for supporting researchers at the institution with over $1 million in funding.

KCA’s name was placed on the DFCI’s Benefactors Wall, located on the third floor of the DFCI’s Yawkey Center for Cancer Care.

“We are so pleased to honor KCA’s tremendous support of kidney cancer research in this way,” said Karen Ossen, Director of Foundation Relations for DFCI and The Jimmy Fund.

The KCA has been supporting innovative kidney cancer research since 1995 when they awarded their first-ever grant. Since then, the KCA has supported over 65 researchers with over $5 million in research funding.

Among those, eight awards totaling $1.452 million have gone to researchers based at the DFCI:

  • 2002 Young Investigator Award – Dr. Rani George, $50,000
  • 2014 Project Award – Dr. Toni Choueiri, $100,000
  • 2018 Young Investigator Award – Dr. Xiao Wang, $50,000 (Q&A)
  • 2019 Advanced Discovery Award – Dr. Kathleen Mahoney, Dr. Rupal Bhatt, Dr. Gordon Freeman, $500,000 (Q&A)
  • 2021 Advanced Discovery Award – Dr. Toni Choueiri, Dr. Rizwan Romee, $500,000 (Q&A)
  • 2022 Trailblazer Award – Dr. Srinivas Viswanathan, $75,000 (Q&A)
  • 2022 Trailblazer Award – Dr. Yufei Wang, $75,000 (Q&A)
  • 2023 Trailblazer Award – Dr. Prateek Khanna, $75,000 (Q&A)

Many of these projects have become foundational in the kidney cancer space, contributing to new understanding of kidney cancer as a complex, multi-faceted disease as well as to new ways to treat it.

For example, KCA-funded DFCI research projects include early evidence of the benefits of combination immunotherapy and targeted therapy for kidney cancer, non-clear cell and rare kidney cancer types like translocation RCC, and novel biomarkers.

“We will not rest until we find new therapies for RCC… Thank you for the KCA who was present from early days and continues with these important grants to fund the next generation of targets and trials!” – Dr. Toni Choueiri

“[Ours was] one of the first prospective clinical trials in advanced non-clear cell RCC to demonstrate activity of immune checkpoint plus VEGF targeted combination therapy.” – Dr. Xiao Wang

“Funding on this scale is a significant grant support for early career investigators such as me.” – Dr. Prateek Khanna

“We’re grateful that kidney cancer research has always been a priority for many of the excellent clinicians and scientists at DFCI and being honored in this way is a thrill,” said Gretchen E. Vaughan, KCA President and CEO. “Investing in the people and institutions that are going to propel the field is fundamental to our ultimate mission to improve the lives of patients and families impacted by kidney cancer and continue our shared pursuit to unlock the cure.”

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