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KCA patient advisor featured on “Cancer Interviews” podcast

Kidney Cancer Association Patient and Caregiver Advisory Council member Marissa Willis sat down with the Cancer Interviews Podcast to discuss her diagnosis, the importance of early detection, and building support networks. Cancer Interviews host Bruce…

brian redz

Ashley runs for “Redz”, her punk rock dad

“I started this fundraiser for my dad. Kidney cancer needs more funding for new treatments, treatments that cause fewer side effects, and more methods for early detection. I’ve witnessed it with my dad. I want better for kidney cancer patients.”

My Journey Becoming a Kidney Cancer Survivor

This is a guest blog by Keri Kirby, 47, cancer survivor. She lives in Missouri. My journey began on Saturday, March 17, 2018. The day started out as normal, and I attended a church conference…

sean healy

Sean Healy’s journey with kidney cancer

This is a guest post by Sean Healy, a husband, father, avid traveler, hiker, and corporate real estate executive who was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer in 2018. He is based in Richmond, Virginia.

Annamarya Scaccia

The One-Kidney Bodybuilder

Annamarya’s nephrectomy following a kidney cancer diagnosis made her journey to place second in the Natural Fit Federation’s Texas Classic bodybuilding show a delicate balancing act of strength, nutrition, plus plenty of perseverance.

Major developments in kidney cancer in 2021

2021 was a bumper year for kidney cancer developments, including several new treatment approvals by the FDA and a much better understanding of how kidney cancer is impacted by COVID-19 infections and vaccines. “All are…

Bonnie Davidoff

Through kidney cancer, figuring out how to get unstuck

This is a guest post by Bonnie Davidoff, a kidney cancer patient, aunt to the most amazing nieces and nephews, and arts enthusiast based in Olympia, Washington. In 2017, I was 40 years old and…

Lessons learned from stage IV renal cell carcinoma

This is a guest post by Joel Stern, who was diagnosed with stage IV renal cell carcinoma in 2020. This is the second in a two-part series, in which Joel discusses what he learned through…

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