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Q & A: Dr. Mahoney, Dr. Bhatt, and Dr. Freeman

Led by Dr. Kathleen Mahoney in collaboration with Dr. Rupal Bhatt, both clinicians and scientists, and Dr. Gordon Freeman, a virologist and immunologist who contributed critical work to the discovery of the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway, this research team from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts received a 2019 Advanced Discovery Award.

Q & A: Dr. Akash Kaushik, 2019 YIA Grant Recipient

Dr. Akash Kaushik is a postdoctoral researcher at the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern where he studies cancer cell metabolism, which includes all the processes that help cells take up nutrients and convert them to energy and other materials for growth.

Allen’s story of resilience

Allen was diagnosed with stage IV clear cell renal cell carcinoma six years ago. After his diagnosis, he tried targeted therapy but experienced harsh side effects which eventually led him to having surgery.

Eric shares his experience with stage II kidney cancer

Eric, who was otherwise a healthy individual, was diagnosed with stage II kidney cancer last December. The doctors estimated that the tumor had been growing for 9-10 years. Eric beat the cancer by undergoing a radical renal nephrectomy on his right kidney.

YIA winner discusses his regionalization research

Since 2006, the Kidney Cancer Association has supported an annual Young Investigator Award (YIA) through the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology(ASCO). The YIA supported by Kidney Cancer Association provides funding…

Susan describes her cancer diagnosis at age 25

Susan from Alberta, Canada, was diagnosed with stage 1 kidney cancer 12 years ago. In 2002, she lost her father and aunt to colon cancer. That difficult year didn’t prepare her for her own journey four years later.

Dawnia survives kidney cancer after right kidney nephrectomy

Five years ago, Dawnia, who lives in Texas, was diagnosed with stage II kidney cancer at age 50. During a routine visit at her gynecologist’s office, the nurse practitioner was alarmed when she learned that Dawnia’s mother was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer.

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