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Bruce Hill is a kidney cancer patient and a member of the KCA’s Patient and Caregiver Advisory council, which serves as the voice of the patient and provides the vital link between the patient community and the KCA.  

We spoke to Bruce about his work with the KCA. 

How long have you been working with the KCA and what motivated you to get involved?

I have been working directly with KCA for only a few months, but I continue to see value in sharing my experiences and advocating for patients. The KCA has reinvented itself and with the help of the Patient & Caregiver advisors can really become a force for kidney cancer advocacy and research.

How do you hope to see the KCA grow?

My vision is that the KCA becomes one of the premier fundraising, research funding, and patient advocacy organizations in the world for RCC, and continues to improve its image in that direction.

What are you excited to bring to the organization?

My experiences as a RCC S-IV patient. From diagnosis, to surgery, to treatment, to post-treatment follow up scans, as well as my experiences as an advocate on Capitol Hill and with the CDMRP peer review evaluations.

What is your favorite travel destination and why?

The National Parks of the Southwest US. I love the scenery, the trails, the mountains, it’s like a different planet compared to the Northeast!

What do you like to do in your free time

Hike, work around the house, and most Sunday afternoons in the fall and spring, you can find me refereeing youth soccer games!

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