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March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month and we have a packed calendar to celebrate – we’re #UnstoppableTogether!

This year, we are highlighting voices of kidney cancer patients and caregivers. Look out for a personal story each Monday — starting with Dawne. We will also be sharing three newsletters during the month, hosting an Ask the Expert session, and much more.

There are lots of ways to participate and show your support! Here are seven things you can do:


Order a free orange ribbon sticker, share a selfie wearing it, tag the Kidney Cancer Association on social media, and use #UnstoppableTogether so we can see and share your pictures!


Put a Kidney Cancer Awareness Month frame on your Facebook profile photo! Click here to do that.


Subscribe to the “Unstoppable Together” newsletter, and forward it to your friends and loved ones to subscribe! We’ll be sending updates throughout the month with stories and ways to get involved.


Have a question about kidney cancer? Get answers during an “Ask the Expert” session this week in the KCA’s online support community. It’s a free, anonymous community where you can find support from others who share your experience. 


Get your town involved! Contact your city’s mayor’s office or City Hall to learn how to “Light the Sky Orange” or receive a proclamation declaring a specific day “Kidney Cancer Awareness Day” in your community. 


Follow the KCA on our social media channels – FacebookInstagram, and Twitter – to keep up with our awareness month activities! 


Donate and support the KCA’s mission. We’re proud that every dollar goes directly to kidney cancer research.

We’re looking forward to celebrating Kidney Cancer Awareness Month with you! 

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6 thoughts on “7 ways to participate in Kidney Cancer Awareness Month”

  1. Hi. My name is Sierra. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer last month thankfully We found it in time and now I’m cancer free after the surgery. I’m an 18-year-old that just graduated high school two weeks ago and underwent surgery last week. Ever since my diagnosis I’ve been eager to spread awareness and help as much as I can with whatever I can, I would love to learn more about how to get more involved.

  2. I was told I had a mass on the top on my right kidney in 2020. My doctor moved fast she sent me to a Urologist who is amazing and made me feel it is all good. Jan. I had my biopsy and February 11th of 2021 the tumor was moved and part of the top of my kidney was cute out. I went home on 2nd day and went back to work on light duty for in 2 weeks. God was good and I know Im on Gods hands. February 11th of 2022 I had my one year check up and I’m still good. My cancer was stage 1 and I was a very lucky person to find it so quick. I am in Stage 3 Kidney failure from some meds that I have been on for years. Don’t take them anymore, so my kidney is in a war zone and I’m going to kick this because I’m strong and I have God on my side. Lets Beat this and live life to the fullest

    1. My name i Marcus Murphy, I went to see the doc a couple years ago for a physical and they found a mass on my right kidney, I never followed up on my appointments after, upon a few months ago I went in for stomach pains and the doc asked what did I ever do about the mass on my kidney, I told him nothing, I was stupid, long story short, the tumor ended up tripling in size from 2 years, my surgery was a week ago, they performed an partial nephrectomy and now I’m cancer free, god is good, I’m still in tears of joy

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