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Virtual Patient Symposium Archive

All of the KCA’s Virtual Patient Symposium sessions are recorded and free to view on demand. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get details about future symposiums and events.

2023 Virtual Patient Symposium

Kidneys and Kidney Cancer 101

Speaker: Amy Luckenbaugh, MD

Understanding Your Kidney Cancer Pathology Report

Speaker: Cody Craig, MD

Updates in the Management of Advanced Kidney Cancer

Speaker: Daniel George, MD

How Doctors Decide How to Treat Your Cancer

Moderator: Alexandra Sanders, MSN, RN, OCN

Speakers: Stephanie Berg, DO, Jennifer Gordetsky, MD, Eric Jonasch, MD, Amy Luckenbaugh, MD, Alexandra Sanders, MSN, RN, OCN, Eric Singer, MD, MS, Julia Stevens, PharmD, BCOP, Chad Tang, MD

Nutrition for Kidney Cancer

Speaker: Ray Palko, MS, RD

Palliative, Hospice, and End-of-Life Decisions: Reframing the Discussion

Speaker: Martha Twaddle, MD

Living with Kidney Cancer

Moderator: Vineeta Hiranandani

Speakers: Katie Coleman, John Ferrell, Ritchie Johnson

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2022 Virtual Patient Symposium

Kidney Cancer Overview

Speaker: Dr. Tian Zhang, MD, MHS

Shared Decision Making

Moderator: Laura Wood, RN, MSN, OCN

Panelists: Dr. Stephanie Berg, Laura Esfeller

Diagnosis and Staging

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Maughan

Managing Treatment-Related Side Effects

Speakers: Meghara Walsh, RN, BSN, Sean Healy

How do I find my specialist?

Speakers: Dr. Christopher Weight, Frank McGillin

Navigating Financial Toxicity

Speaker: Dr. Sarah Psutka

How Genetics Play a Role in Kidney Cancer

Speaker: Sallie McAdoo, MS, CGC

Living with Kidney Cancer

Moderator: Nancy Moldawer, RN, BSN

Panelists: Steven Edwards, Marissa Willis


2021 Virtual Patient Symposium

Kidney Cancer Treatment Approaches

Speaker: Dr. Ulka Vaishampayan

Shared Decision Making

Moderator: Zita Lim, PA-C

Panelists: John Ferrell, Bruce Hill, Dr. Chung-Han Lee

Genetics and Kidney Cancer

Moderator: Sallie McAdoo, MS, CGC

Speaker: John Lee, CGC

Understanding a New Diagnosis

Moderator: Nancy Moldawer, RN, MSN

Panelists: Chapmann Cheung, Laura Esfeller, Marissa Willis

Living With Kidney Cancer (Early Stage Diagnosis)

Moderator: Dr. Stephanie Berg

Panelists: Jason Hinojosa, Ryan Natzke, Annamarya Scaccia

Living with Kidney Cancer (Advanced Stage Diagnosis)

Moderator: Deborah Maskens

Panelists: Steven Edwards, Matt McClain


Moderator: Sarah Rosner

Panelists: Kathleen Campbell, Milton Wade

Disparities and Access

Moderator: Ritchie Johnson, RN

Panelists: Dr. Pedro Barata, Dr. Pavlos Msaouel, Dr. Melanie Royce

Financial Toxicity

Speaker: Monica Bryant, Triage Cancer

Diet and Nutrition

Speaker: Brittany Finley, MS, RD, CSO

What I Learned From Kidney Cancer

Moderator: Salima Witt

Panelists: Megan Conley, Ritchie Johnson, Peggy Zuckerman


2020 Virtual Patient Symposium

Welcome and Survivorship Panel

Moderated by: Laura Wood, RN, MSN, OCN

Panelists: John Ferrel, Brian Moran, Michelle Piccolo, Cathy West, and Salima Witt

Shared Decision Making Panel

Moderated by: Courtney Firak, MPH

Panelists: Pedro Barata, MD, MSc and Katy Beckerman, MD, PhD
Bruce and Susan Hill, patient and caregiver

Treating Kidney Cancer in a Pandemic: Lessons from COVID-19

Moderated by: Matt Campbell, MD, MS and William C. Huang, MD

Panelists: Brian Shinder, MD, Martin H. Voss, MD and Megan Conley, patient

Side Effect Management

Presented by: Kiran Kehoe, RN, BSN, CCRN

Understanding a New Kidney Cancer Diagnosis

Presented by: Elizabeth Plimack, MD

Treatments for Advanced Kidney Cancer

Presented by: Virginia J. Seery, MSN, RN, ANP-BC

Small Renal Masses: An Overview

Presented by: Brian Shuch, MD

Into the Light: Understanding and Treating Rare Kidney Cancers

Presented by: Rana McKay, MD

Clinical Trials 101

Presented by: Patricia Fischer, RN, MSN, ONC

Non Clear-Cell Type RCC

Presented by: Julia Batten, APRN, MSN, MPH