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The Association of Online Cancer Resources (ACOR), an email listserv that was popular with cancer patients starting in the 1990s, appears to have lost its federal designation as a tax exempt charity.  An entry on the website shows that ACOR lost its federal tax exempt status after failing to file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service for three or more years.  The last publicly available tax return appears to have been filed in 2008 and reports total revenue in excess of $118,000.  GuideStar is an online service that offers independent evaluations of thousands of US charities.

Responding to a member’s email inquiry concerning a donation, Robin Martinez, a self-described owner of the Kidney-ONC email list hosted on the ACOR website, said, “ACOR is restructuring and is not accepting donations at this time.”

The Charities Bureau of the New York State office of the Attorney General was asked to provide additional information concerning donations made to ACOR since the filing of its 2008 tax return, but had not responded in time for inclusion in this article.  The website of the Charities Bureau shows ACOR as having registered in 2004 and lists Gilles Frydman under “Leadership.”  Reporters from the cancer press say they have attempted to reach Frydman for comment, but without success.

December 15, 2012