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As the 30th anniversary of the Kidney Cancer Association comes to a close, we are taking stock of some of the milestones and initiatives this community has been a part of. Since it was founded in 1990, the KCA and the kidney cancer community have seen kidney cancer evolve from a disease with few treatment options and a limited future to one of more hope and promise than ever. There are over a dozen approved treatments for kidney cancer and a growing research community and active clinical trials mean even more options in the future. Funding for kidney cancer research at the federal level has grown from nothing to $40 million in the last five years alone. Awareness of and support for the challenges people with kidney cancer face has grown too. This momentum helps us push forward to move the needle in kidney cancer for this community now and in the future.

Here are a few of the biggest moments in our 30-year story:

Learn more about the kidney cancer community’s rich history at our 30th anniversary celebration page.

Be part of someone else’s story.

By donating to the KCA’s Patient Assistance Fund, you can help reduce the financial distress that patients and their families face during their cancer journey. Thank you for your support!

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