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Episode 6 of Kidney Cancer Unfiltered takes a personal turn as guests John Ferrell, a kidney cancer patient, and Nichole Goble from the Caregiver Action Network join host Annamaria Scaccia to discuss the profound impact of kidney cancer on relationships. This episode, titled “Intimacy and Relationships,” delves into the themes of intimacy, support, and the strength found in connection.

John Ferrell shares his journey, highlighting the importance of opening up, breaking down barriers, and sharing feelings. Nichole Goble provides insights on caregiving and the crucial role of support in maintaining strong relationships during health challenges.

The conversation is a deep dive into the vulnerability and connection that kidney cancer can bring into relationships, exploring both the challenges and triumphs. Listen to the full episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or Amazon Music.

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For those seeking support and further resources, the Kidney Cancer Association offers:

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