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In the final episode of the first season of Kidney Cancer Unfiltered, host Annamaria Scaccia chats with Sarah Alysse Bobo, a stress and nutrition coach whose father had kidney cancer. Titled “Caregiving,” this episode delves into the invaluable role of caregivers for loved ones facing kidney cancer.

Sarah shares her experiences and insights on the importance of caregiving, offering practical advice and emotional support for both patients and caregivers. She highlights the necessity for patients to seek help from their loved ones, emphasizing, “For the patients, I’d say make sure you ask your loved ones for help…” This episode provides a compassionate look at the dynamics of caregiving and the strength required to support someone with kidney cancer.

Listen to Episode 7 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music to gain valuable insights from Sarah on the essential aspects of caregiving in the journey with kidney cancer.

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For those seeking support and further resources, the Kidney Cancer Association offers:

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