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In June, the Kidney Cancer Association launched the 74K Challenge – a community fundraising effort for kidney cancer research. 

Nearly 74,000 people are estimated to be diagnosed with kidney cancer this year and the KCA challenged the community to walk, bike, swim, and more to raise awareness and funds for kidney cancer research. Participants were able to share their stories and create their own goals and they earned prizes when they reached milestones. 

Ryan Natzke, who was diagnosed with stage 1 kidney cancer a little over five years ago, raised nearly $5,000, the most of any individual participant. An ultimate frisbee enthusiast, Ryan challenged himself to throw 74 hammers – that’s a type of frisbee throw – back and forth with his son Evan.

After treatment, Ryan, who is a member of the KCA’s Patient and Caregiver Advisory Council, has had no evidence of disease. 

“Having cancer was the scariest moment of my life, especially thinking about my family and son, Evan,” he wrote on his fundraising page. “Kidney cancer is a dangerous cancer that used to be ‘rare’… Treatments continue to advance but we need to move quicker.” 

74K Challenge participants could also form a team and fundraise together. Betsey Utter led her team, Rockin’ The Creek For Jane K, on a (properly distanced) 7.4 mile walk through their Houston, Texas neighborhood, raising over $6,000 in the process. Betsey organized the walk in honor of her friend, Jane Killiam, who has had kidney cancer for 10 years. The group even stopped in Jane’s front yard along their route. 

Over 70 people participated in the 74K Challenge and worked together to meet the challenge goal to raise $74,000 for kidney cancer research. 

Support more efforts or design your own fundraiser by visiting our Ways to Give Page.

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