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Saskatchewan has joined two other Canadian provinces that cover the cost of Torisel , a drug used in the treatment of advanced kidney cancer.  In clinical studies, compared to Interferon-alpha, recognized as the standard of care, Torisel significantly increased survival from diagnosis to death by 49 per cent. 

Bill Bro, CEO of the Kidney Cancer Association (KCA), a global patient advocacy organization, said, “It’s comforting to know that many Canadians now have the same therapeutic options for treatment of renal cancer that patients here in the United States have had for quite some time.  The limited access to these novel therapies in countries where sociailized medicine prevails continues to be of great concern to our charity.  We’ll continue fighting for these patients living where their medical system kicks them to the curb, because this cancer is an expensive one to treat.  Novel therapies continue to signfificantly improve the quality of life for these desperately ill people.”

The KCA reaches 50,000 people in more than 100 countries, from its offices in suburban Chicago.  It is the largest organization of its kind, serving the needs of patients and medical practicioners.  The KCA was founded by Eugene P. Schonfeld, Ph.D., and a small group of patients, in 1990.