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Following a series of well-received meetings with patients, caregivers, and medical professionals in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, England, and Russia, among other countries, we’re building the world’s largest group of kidney cancer advocates— the International Kidney Cancer Alliance.  Join us in Warsaw, Poland, in the spring of 2011.  Details will be announced on our Facebook® Fan Page in the coming weeks.  We know that some families are concerned about the issues that attend pharmaceutical company funding of patient activities.  Although we have a long history of successful collaboration with industry, we remain sensitive to the needs of patients and their caregivers, so there will be no direct pharma involvement in the establishment of this ad-hoc group.  Everyone is welcome to join and travel subsidies, based on demonstrated need, will be available. 

We’re working now to improve patient and physician education in Mexico, South America, Egypt, Eastern Europe, and China.  Our publication, “We Have Kidney Cancer,” will soon be available for immediate download in nine languages, too.  Be sure to bookmark and check back for more information.