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Fun Facts and Things To Do in Edinburgh

Photo credit: Forever Edinburgh

Optional Activities

Edinburgh is renowned for its heritage and culture. During registration you can select from the tours below at an additional cost. Space is limited – book early!

21 April 2023 at 19:00

  • Tour 1: Journey of Flavour- Johnny Walker
    • This tour is for nonalcoholic drinkers too! An immersive 90-minute tour led by an expert guide including 3 whisky drinks tailored to your flavour preferences. (non-alcoholic options are available too). Discover Johnnie Walker’s pioneering spirit, resiliency, and bold, aspirational creativity continue to set them apart as drivers of innovation, social connection and downright delicious drinks.
    • Includes 3 drinks with alcohol or without alcohol.
  • Tour #2 Mercat Tours: Historic Underground Tour
    • Beneath the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh’s Old Town, you’ll discover a dark, damp world that has remained unchanged since the 18th Century. Your expert Storyteller will lead you through a 75 minute tour, deep into the Blair Street Underground Vaults, and together you’ll explore its perfectly preserved history – including how it became home to the city’s most destitute inhabitants.   

21 April 2023 at 19:00

  • Tour #3 Holyrood Whiskey Tour and Tasting
    • This 60-minute tour includes four new make whiskey tastings. See firsthand how Holyrood makes whisky with one of their guides. Discover how the distillery teams utilizes Edinburgh’s rich brewing history to explore new and innovative distilling methods. End on guided tasting of 4 drams of their new spirit.
  • Tour #4 Mercat Tours: Ghostly Underground Tour
    • A 75-minute fun and light-hearted daytime walking tour of the Blair Street Underground Vaults – Edinburgh’s most haunted vaults, which Mercat Tours has exclusive access to. This spooky Edinburgh ghost tour is the ideal way to peek into the city’s ghostly past and remember… things don’t only go bump in the night! The true history of the Blair Street Underground Vaults is terrifying enough – so abandon thoughts of manufactured frights and make-believe. The skill is in the storytelling: these vaults witnessed the deeds of mischief-makers and murderers, vagrants, and torturers. It’s one of Edinburgh’s most haunted sites, where restless spirits still tread to this day.

Walking in Edinburg

Put your walking shoes on and take a walk to one of these close by adventures.

17 Quirk Places to Eat in Edinburgh

  1. Hoot The Redeemer (Unofficial king of the cocktail slushy.)
  2. The Paradise Palms (The pub’s soul is its exclusive veggie and vegan food.)
  3. Six by Nico Edinburgh (One of the hottest restaurants in town and enjoy the endless bragging rights.)
  4. Artisan Cheesecake (Enjoy show stopping display of cheesecakes)
  5. Makars Gourmet Mash Bar (A bit of advice, don’t go here if you don’t like potatoes)

Fun Facts about Edinburgh and Scotland

  1. The Harry Potter movies were filmed in Edinburgh.
  2. Edinburgh wasn’t always the capital of Scotland. It replaced Scone as the capital of Scotland in 1437.
  3. It’s the Greenest City in the UK.
  4. Edinburgh Castle sits on an extinct volcano.
  5. A unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.
  6. Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world.
  7. Scotland is known for its rich whisky with 109 distilleries. (Make sure and order a whiskey neat.)
  8. The national dish of Scotland is haggis.
  9. Scotland is home to the oldest tree in Europe.
  10. Scotland was once part of North America. It was actually joined to Canada and Greenland!