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Grant Acceptance Policy



The Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) shall request medical education grants based on its good faith estimate of the direct and indirect costs associated with sponsoring physician education meetings for which grants are solicited, taking into account any other grants received or likely to be received for purposes of funding such meetings.

In accordance with its Grant Acceptance Policy, KCA shall retain any surplus from any medical education grant received and shall use such surplus solely to fund its charitable activities in accordance with applicable law and not for any illegal or unethical purpose.

KCA shall not return any surplus from a medical education grant to the donor; and

Upon a donor’s request, KCA shall provide an accounting of the use of such donor’s medical education grant, including the use of any surplus retained by KCA.

This policy shall apply to all medical education grants requested and received by KCA, and KCA may not accept any medical education grant from any donor if such grant is subject to any condition that would require KCA to violate this policy.

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