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Why Exercise Is An Important Thing To Add To Your Life by


(Kidney Cancer Association Twitter News Service)

Exercise is the passion of some, but for most people, having to workout is a chore. There are plenty of people with stories about how they began a workout plan only to get bored or sore or just tired of bothering. Within a few weeks, they are no longer exercising and the benefits of what they did do have worn out quickly. Unfortunately, those who give up exercise are giving up on all of the great benefits of working out. Getting fit helps you feel and look better and it can reduce your risk of sickness and disease. The benefits of exercise are plentiful and in addition to helping you lose weight, there are side benefits like saving you money on the expense of dealing with disease and setting a good example for friends and other family members. If you were told you have a chance to prevent serious illness just by exercising, you would do it. The great news is that it works. You can reduce your risk of kidney cancer and sarcoma, as well as a variety of other diseases just by working out a few times each week.

Losing weight is another benefit of exercise. While this may seem a lot less important than preventing life threatening illnesses, there are further benefits to not being overweight. Obesity is related to a lot of chronic illness and serious disease and by dropping the extra pounds; you are reducing your risk of developing weight related illness. View your workouts as a chance to prevent diabetes, heart disease and stroke and you will have the motivation to get moving.

Exercise reduces stress. If you are working out, you are focusing on your body and how it feels. Your workouts may also give you a chance to think through stressful situations and clear your mind. Going for a long, strenuous walks is one of the best ways to think about things. Clipping along at a good pace and being alone with your thoughts is a form of meditation and helps you work through problems and find solutions.

Workout out gives you energy. While it may seem like you are exhausted after a strenuous workout and you want to collapse, in the long run working out is going to boost your energy levels. Your metabolism will get a boost which perks you up and you will sleep better at night after a workout, enabling you to wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated in the morning.

Finally, exercise improves your mood. You will feel better physically and emotionally which means your mood is boosted. Feeling healthy gives you a positive outlook on life. It also helps you stay calm and relaxed, even in stressful situations. Those around you may notice changes in your mood, but even if they do not notice specific difference, you may find it easier to get along with loved ones and co-workers once you start exercising. Feeling great makes it easier to treat those around you with compassion and caring.

Exercise is an important part of self-care that has immediate and long-term results.

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