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Drug Information Sheets


Several therapeutics are used to treat advanced kidney cancer. The following Drug Information Sheets and Side Effect Sheets (PDFs) will help you to learn more about these products, including common side effects that users may experience. Watch the related video series.


Understanding Targeted Therapy
Afinitor Avastin IL-2
Interferon Nexavar Sutent
Torisel Votrient Inlyta Opdivo
Understanding Your Lab Results
Diarrhea Dyspepsia Dysphonia
Fatigue Hair Depigmentation Hand Foot Syndrome
Anorexia Hypertension Infection
Taste Disturbance Nausea
Oral Mucositis Pneumonitis

You may find it helpful to print these PDFs before you discuss treatment options with your doctor. The brand names of these products are Registered Trademarks of the manufacturers. You will find additional information on each company’s website.

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