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International Kidney Cancer Congress


IKCC.EU – Home of the International Kidney Cancer Congress (for patient advocates)

If you are looking for information about the International Kidney Cancer Symposium (for medical professionals), please click here.

Budapest Clinical Trials Meeting Agenda (May, 2013)

Cancer advocates from the European Union, Asia, Latin America, and United States gathered in Budapest on May 2 for an informative half-day seminar intended to increase the awareness and understanding of the important role that clinical trials play in our quest to eliminate death and suffering from renal cancers. This meeting was webcast live, in order to reach a global audience, and it was very successful.

In 2014, the Congress will not meet. Instead, members of the Kidney Cancer Association’s Nurse Advisory Board will meet in the spring in Dublin, Ireland, to discuss issues relevant to the improvement of patient care. These nurses are well-positioned to deliver information to patients about the treatment of renal cancers, and they can do it with far greater efficiency than using patient advocates as the sole method of dissemination. By alternating meetings of medical professionals with those intended for advocates, we hope to reach a vast audience, while helping to speed a cure from the bench to the bedside.

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David’s Clinical Trial Story from ADAPT Kidney Cancer on Vimeo.

David participated in a Phase 2 clinical study that evaluated a personalized cancer immunotherapy in combination with a standard targeted drug therapy, sunitinib.

For more information about immunotherapy, clinical trials or standard treatments for advanced kidney cancer, please contact the Kidney Cancer Association.

The statements made in this video are those of the patient and physician, based on their own experiences with an investigational immunotherapy during a clinical study. Please note, the results described in this video testimonial may not be the same for everyone participating in clinical trials.

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Search for clinical trials using the World Health Organization platform.

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