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Donor Honor Roll


We’re grateful for the continued support of these individuals who contributed $250 or more to our recent campaign. Together, we’ll attain our goal: A World Without Kidney Cancer.

Grant and Marie Ajamian
Sergio Baranovsky
Paula Bowen
Bill Bro
Ronald Bukowski
Joseph Caputo
Allen Davidoff
Mary Dubitzky
Roy H. Dubitzky
Mark Duncan
Janice Dutcher
Rodney Falgout
Laurie Fox
Christina M. Guillory
Mark Hegarty
HIC Partnership
John Hollowell
Marian Hyder
John L. Jones
Randy and Lyn Kampwerth
Caren Kaplan
Joseph S. Kearney
Corey L. Kerstetter
Debbie King
Carrie Konosky
Thomas Krouwer
Robert Kruger
Florence Chieh Ying Lee
Russell Lee
Zhen Hua Liu
Magellan Management, Inc.
Dale Marcus
Samuel B. Marcus
Mike Masterson
Margaret McCarthy
Howard McClurd
Chad and Carri McCoige
Sharon J. McHale
Joan S. Mog
Andrew Morrison
Jean Mulvihill
David Nanus

Bert F. Neece
Brett Nitzschke
David and Mattie Paul
David J. Perry
Mark Poole
Emily Pruisner
Geoffrey Rausch
John & Anne Rollo
Tatana Sahanek
Scott Schuck
Susan B. Schwartz
John Sipple
Walter M. Stadler
Debbi Stambaugh
Paul A. Street
Bob Susor
David Swanson
Glenn Sykes
David Tendler
Roger Thrun
Toni Snow Trucks
Elvira Vogel
Nicholas Vogelzang
Carlyle Weiner
Fred and Joan Weisman
Tonny Jill Williamson
Sarah Wise Miller
David Zeigler

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